Reasons Why You Should Choose Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta With Its IEYC

Let’s talk about how such a curriculum can change one school into a high-end and professional education. One of the reasons is the curriculum. Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur proof it through the use of IEYC or international early years curriculum. But, why should you choose the school with this curriculum? Here are some reasons to show you the good point of it.

Reason Why You Should Pick School With IEYC

Reasons Why You Should Pick School With IEYC

  1. Flexible Education System

The flexible point here means that the curriculum offers a great length of education possibilities. It is available for a toddler to 5 years old students. The huge span develops flexible learning activities and systems. It means to follow the students’ needs, abilities, and development. IEYC also work alongside the national curriculum, so it can suit all teacher.

  1. Vast Learning Units

The learning units offered by IEYC are not only fundamental education. Due to its function and huge age span, the number of learning units reaches up to more than 18 units. While the preschool Jakarta’s curriculum has several units, but the overall design cover exciting and entertaining activities. Thus, the education will capture children’s natural curiosity.

  1. Focus On Learning And Development

One of the points that make IEYC stand out is the learning and development focus. It means that the learning process will shift from the traditional measuring outcome method to observation. The observation assessment help creating a personal and development-driven education in the class.

  1. Using Observation And Interaction As Assessment Method

Due to children’s nature that loves to learn something new, the IEYC pinpoint observation and interaction as their assessment method. It also highlights that the curriculum does not put outcome or ranking as the focus. But, the school and teacher will use a learning journal that jots down every holistic view on the child’s learning and development progress.

  1. An Accredited Curriculum

You should choose a preschool Jakarta with IEYC because the curriculum is acknowledged by the global community. An accreditation made by the international curriculum Association (ICA) is one of the greatest accomplishments that show the improving learning and commitment quality. It also supports and guides international schools to gain their higher education potential.

At this age, students are innocent yet curious beings. Teacher and school should be their place to learn more about the world. With the help of IEYC in Global Sevilla, the children can learn and focus on their learning and development. It is also a flexible education system, which increases the chance to create dedicated learning activities based on students’ needs.